Study and exploitation of olive oil

as innovative raw material for special industrial applications to baby food products...

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The project

The project will be carried out in 4 workpackages following a holistic approach for the investment.
WP1: Study of the global market of fatty acid raw materials.

WP2: Laboratory synthesis of triglycerides with optimal fatty acids composition to mimic breast milk lipids. Application of enzymatic transesterification in olive oil.

WP3: Algorithmic study for the calculation of fatty acids and simulation of breast milk in laboratory scale.

WP4: Use of fatty acid mixtures in infant formulas in laboratory scale and study of the organoleptic and qualitative characteristics of the products.

"Supporting Businesses for Research Projects"

Co-financed by the European Union and national funds through OP. WESTERN GREECE 2014-2020 in the framework of Action "Supporting Businesses for Research Projects"(project code: ΔΕΡ6-0021436).


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