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YIOTIS S.A. was founded in 1930 and today employs more than 370 employees, exports to the 5 continents and has an annual turnover exceeding €70m. Products manufactured in its Athens-based facilities include cereal based baby foods, powder mixes for baking and cooking, chocolates, syrups and chilled desserts. The company’s staff is highly educated and constantly trained. Disciplines employed lie in the field of Chemistry, Agricultural Engineering, Food Technology and Chemical Engineering.

At YIOTIS research is coordinated by the Research & Development department. Its expenditures account for 3% of the company’s annual turnover, indicating the company’s orientation towards research.

For the past 20 years, YIOTIS S.A. has participated in more than 30 National and European Research Projects mostly as coordinator. The company’s organizational scheme combines its highly educated workforce to ensure the necessary administrative and technical support of any large-scale project.

The Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (ACL) of the Department of Chemistry of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), demonstrates continuously its experience in developing and applying modern analytical methods and techniques in a wide range of research applications since 1968.

The available laboratory equipment and skilled people contribute to the application of these methods in a wide range of research fields in Food Chemistry as well as in Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Clinical and Industrial Chemistry.

The long-term cooperation of the ACL with both public authorities (Ministry of Rural Development and Food and the Single Food Control Authority, among others) and with food companies and industries dominating in the Greek market guaranties the successful implementation of research projects in the field of food safety.

The NHRF (National Hellenic Research Foundation) is an interdisciplinary research center, which is consisted by three research institutes. The mission of the NHR is to carry out multi-disciplinary research in the fields of humanities, natural sciences and technical sciences.